Abstracts & Suggested Readings

Chapter 1: “Wayward Humours” and “Perverse Disputings”

Chapter 2: From Bandits to Political Prisoners: Detention and Deportation on the Sierra Leone Frontier

Chapter 3: The Path of Extinction: The Double Exile of Alfa Yaya and the Penal Regime in French Colonial Africa

Chapter 4: Marie Rodet and Romain Tiquet, Reforming State Violence in French West Africa: Relegation in the Epoch of Decolonization

Chapter 5: Thaïs Gendry, A Kingdom in Check: Exile as a Strategy in the Sanwi Kingdom, Côte d’Ivoire, 1915-1920

Chapter 6: Brett L. Shadle, “As if I were in Prison”: White Deportation and Exile from Early Colonial Kenya

Chapter 7: Joanna T. Tague, In the City of Waiting: Education and Mozambican Liberation Exiles in Dar es Salaam, 1960-1975

Chapter 8: Aliou Ly, Amilcar Cabral and the Bissau Revolution in Exile: Women and the Salvation of the Nationalist Organization in Guinea, 1959-1962

Chapter 9: Kate Skinner, Brothers in the Bush: Exile, Refuge, and Citizenship on the Ghana-Togo Border, 1958-1966

Chapter 10: Susan Dabney Pennybacker, A Cold War Geography: South African Anti-Apartheid Refuge and Exile in London, 1945-94

Chapter 11: Meredith Terretta, The French Trials of Cléophas Kamitatu: Immigration Politics, Leftist Activism, and Françafrique in 1970s Paris

Chapter 12: Marina Berthet, Forced Labor and Migration in São Tomé and Príncipe: Cape Verdean Exile in Poetry and Song

Chapter 13: Sana Camara, Sheikh Ahmadu Bambi and the Poetics of Exile

Chapter 14: Kris Inman, The Legacy of Exile: Terrorism in and outside Africa from Osama bin Laden to Al-Shabaab

Chapter 15: E. Ann McDougall, Reconstructing Slavery in Ohioan Exile: Mauritanian Refugees in the United States

Chapter 16: Benjamin N. Lawrance, A Nation Abroad: Desire and Authenticity in Togolese Political Dissidence